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What is Capital Aggregator?

Capital Aggregator is your easy button to gain access to an Alpha Aggregated Treasury managed by connected influencers & experienced crypto professionals across all blockchains and industries, who together, leverage their resources to grow the treasury and maximize the return back to CAT token holders.

What is CAT(Capital Aggregator Token)?

CAT is the native ‘ERC20’ token of the Capital Aggregator ecosystem and Treasury holdings

What is the CAT contract address?


How do I buy CAT (Capital Aggregator Token)?

CAT is currently listed and trading on Uniswap

What are the CAT tokenomics?

Total Supply: CAT

Current Circulating Supply: 857,182,397 CAT
***Includes Blackhole + Blacklisted Addresses

Total Burned(At time of writing): 0 CAT (..and counting)
***Includes Blackhole + Blacklisted Addresses

Tax: 10% on both Buys and Sells

Tax Breakdown:
Buys: 10% Distributed directly to holders of CAT
Sells: 2% to Auto LP, 4% to Marketing, 4% to the CAT Treasury

Is Liquidity Locked?

Yes! Liquidity is Locked and can be verified here

Why are gas fees so high?

It’s no secret that gas fees can widely vary depending on how busy the Ethereum network is at any given time.

Some may have noticed the fees may be slightly higher at times when trading CAT on the open market.

This is due to our more advanced contract. As mentioned in the tokenomics above, a portion of sell transactions goes to our Auto LP, Marketing, and Treasury wallet. This creates more transactions on the Ethereum network, requiring a little more gas to complete.

Where can I see Treasury / Marketing Assets?

Main Gnosis Wallets

Treasury ETH:

Treasury BSC:

Marketing ETH:

$ECC Position:

This list does not include all positions as some are staked and/or held on other networks and platforms. We are in the process of consolidating our wallets and investments to make everything easier to view and as transparent as possible.